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Reasons you do not need Closed Circuit
Cameras, Burglary or Fire Alarms

  • You will not be a victim to one of the burglaries committed every 12 seconds.
  • You are not concerned about keys and the expense of re-keying your facility after a loss of keys or termination of an employee. The ability to track who goes in and out of a door is of no benefit to you.
  • Your business will be not be affected by the 400,000 fires, 3,000 deaths and 10 Billion dollars in losses annually.
  • It doesn’t matter to you that most insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for companies that have alarm systems.
  • You can purchase a system that will fulfill all your needs and addresses all your service concerns at your local Big Box store.
  • Interruption of your business from a burglary or fire will not negatively impact your daily operation or client base.
  • Internal theft accounts for two percent (2%) of your annual sales. You consider yourself a generous person and are not concerned over adding two percent (2%) to your bottom line.
  • You think workers compensation rates are not too high. You have no need to document accidents and behavior of employees that may contribute to claims


We help protect your home. Want to see who is at your front door while relaxing in your recliner? With a single camera and a click of your remote... ta-da! It's your UPS delivery. Or if you simply want an added layer of protection, CCTV is a great tool to feel secure.


This four letter word sends shudders down the spine of businesses. Unity cannot necessarily prevent or put out a fire for you, but we can design a system to alert you, your staff, and the fire department of a fire. Most fires occur when the property is closed for the day. An approved fire system can detect smoke and fire before it gets out of hand, or report when a sprinkler head has gone off, thereby increasing the odds that your property will be saved. All systems are monitored 24 hours a day by trained emergency personnel at an approved monitoring facility. Our team is ready to assist you with a no obligation analyses of your property. We will work with your insurance company to get any discounts available for you and provide you with payback analysis.

​​​Contact us today for a personalized evaluation
of your security needs.​​

Alarms, CCTV & Monitoring

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