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Environmental alarms and monitoring assists your regular alarm systems by providing the flexibility you demand. Whether you are away on vacation, working late or want an automated central system, Unity Security & Safety will create a customized system to meet your needs.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This is the single most important component of any security system. Protect your family and your home with smoke detectors wired directly into your security system. Don't sleep through your non-monitored smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or let dead batteries put your family at risk. Carbon monoxide is a killer.


This four letter word sends shudders down everyone's spine. Unity cannot prevent or put out a fire, but we can alert you, your family, and the fire department. Most fires occur when at night. An approved fire system can detect smoke and fire, thereby allowing the safe evacuation of your residence. All systems are monitored 24-hours a day by trained emergency personnel at an approved monitoring facility.


Water damage is the second leading cause of home insurance claims nationwide. Be warned of this disaster with a water detection alarm. 

Environmental Alarms & Monitoring

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One of our client relationship managers will be happy to assist you at 877-887-7717.

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