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A well-lit home keeps your house safe.



Basic Hard-wired Security System: $195.00 installed
• Monitoring rates as low as $18.95 per month
• Call for details. Rates subject to monitoring agreement.



Wireless Security System: 

• Call for details. Rates subject to monitoring agreement.


Verbal Descalation…

Are your employees educated in the art of talking irrational or combative people down? Do they know the body language signs of the individual they are dealing with? These topics and more will be taught by an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator. An integrated program of lecture, discussion and hands-on practical application will be utilized to de-escalate most situations.


As an industry leader in solving security, operations and loss prevention, Unity Security & Safety is building a security education division to provide your employees with information to conduct day-to-day business. 


Our security education will draw on best practices developed by our security professionals and will deliver security awareness education, development training and technical product training. 


We also offer approved training of Security personnel to meet jurisdictional requirements in the Midwest. 


Call today, contact us at 877-887-7717. 

Active Shooter…

Has your facility been evaluated for the eventuality of an active shooter? Each facility is unique when planning and reacting to these incidents. Do your employees know  how to react in the event of a violent intruder? Our staff of former law enforcement, military and personal protection experts bring over 100 years of experience of dealing with this subject.

Emergency Preparedness…

Is your emergency preparedness plan integrated with your on site security? Is your plan simply in electronic form or does it follow the format used in 911 centers around the country? Is your plan easily accessible or is it cumbersome, and unavailable in the event of a power failure? We can help evaluate, improve or create an emergency preparedness plan.


You have a state-of-the-art firewall system and the chances are extremely low that it can be penetrated. This is the situation in most companies. Technology today has most hackers scrambling because they are unable to breach these firewalls. However, the threat to your network has never been greater.


Find out how hackers are using your own employees to hack your system without their knowledge or cooperation. Learn how Unity Security and Safety can educate your employees to avoid becoming unwitting accomplices to hackers. We offer initial and continuing low cost education to protect your network. Additionally, we offer proactive options to assure that your employees are compliant with protective measures to avoid breaches.


Recent FBI statistics reports 60% of small-to-medium size businesses are bankrupt within six months of a financial breach.






Employee Termination…

Is your Human Resources Department educated on how to respond to potential violent termination? Are they aware of the tell-tale signs of a potentially violent situation? Do they know what steps to take after the termination? Were steps taken to make sure the termination is planned as far as in advance as possible? If you are faced with a potentially violent situation do you know who to call? Find out what the local law enforcement can and can not do. We offer comprehensive training to minimize the impact of potentially violent terminations.

Home + Garden Shows in Minneapolis and St. Paul, February 2013

Multi-Housing Security Solutions

Are you looking for a security company that is as concerned about your community as you are? At Unity Security & Safety we go to great lengths to make sure our security professionals have the same dedication to the safety and welfare of each resident as you do.

​Quality People. Quality Protection. 

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