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Do you require personal protection services?

Do you require the highest level of security including route evaluation and electronic sweeping of your meeting location and your hotel room?


At Unity Security and Safety we have the personnel available to serve your specific needs. Our operatives have impressive resumes including protection of high ranking government officials, celebrities and major business leaders. We take this responsibility very seriously and therefore do not publish any information relating to these services. 


Are your needs more modest? If you are in need of protective services but do not need the level of involvement referenced above please call for an evaluation. We offer a wide range of qualified individuals at all levels of personal protection. We can develop a protection plan for you or provide the level of protection that you specifically request. Our Executive Protection Director can provide a service quote based on your specific needs. We provide the peace of mind and attention to detail demanded by VIPs.


Protection Services are directed to the individual with modest protection needs. You still demand a qualified individual but at a minimal hourly rate. Some of our clients who request these services are involved in meeting with estranged spouses or significant others either in public, private or in court. We can also provide chaperone services for individuals who have a low threat level in public or private. This service may also be used when a covert protection presence, rather than the impact of a uniformed guard, is desired at parties or events.

If you require additional information, we will be happy to discuss these services with you. Please call 877-887-7717 and ask to speak with the Executive Protection Director.

Executive and Personal Protection

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