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Medical Facilities & Hospitals

Unity Security & Safety is a full service security company providing exceptional security guard, alarm, closed circuit television and controlled access services.

Every security company will tell you they are the best and can help you with your security, safety and JCAHO compliance standards. At Unity Security & Safety we have taken a step very few security companies attempt. Our management system is ISO 9001-2008 compliant. We are extremely proud of this certification. Even more important, it is proof of our commitment to providing quality services to your facility.

Specialized Facilities

Science Research Facilities

Security in research and daily operating labs has changed significantly. Unity Security & Safety has extensive experience in monitoring and protecting laboratories during both staffed and non-staffed hours.

With your assistance, we can develop a comprehensive plan to protect your staff, experiments and physical property. Our management staff includes a former Chemist who works closely with you to develop and integrate monitoring and response solutions that can augment your emergency preparedness plan if needed.

Educational Facilities 

Today’s school administrators face the difficult task of providing a safe environment for students on a limited budget. When a lapse in security occurs, the school district and individual administrators are subjected to criticism. 

Schools have a unique advantage when developing security and safety plans. The ability to deny building access, limit hallway access, search lockers, use detection devices, and control vehicle access to the property are exceptional tools. We can help with innovative strategies and educational programs to assist within your budget.

Government Facilities

Unity Security & Safety is proud of our service to various government agencies, from public venues including: zoos, parks, buildings, events and facilities, Veterans' hospitals and construction projects. 

We have extensive experience with Davis-Bacon act compliance on Federal projects to assure compliance with Federal Law.

Our security professionals are dedicated and devoted team members who work cohesively with your staff and the public.

If you would like additional information detailing the options in which a security plan can improve your business and your bottom line, simply contact us today at 877-887-7717.

If you would like a personalized approach please contact one of our client relationship managers.

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