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Special Event Security

You have spent months planning your special event. You have every detail worked out and have formulated Plans A, B, C and D to cover every possible contingency. Your security company is on-board with a full complement of guards. It's opening day and nothing but clear skies forecasted. All is good and everything seems to be perfectly aligned. 

Then, you receive a call. A small child has been separated from her parents and last seen near the “big” oak tree. You see dozens of “big” oak trees. Your cell phone is ringing non-stop. Your handheld radio is monitoring rampant conversations and for the first time you are not in control. A few minutes later your assistant runs up to you out of breath. They couldn’t contact you due to excessive radio and cell traffic. The news is good; the child was located safe and sound. You can’t help but think how you just dodged a bullet, but why was there so much chaos? Was your security company properly staffed and educated for this event?

This scenario plays out many times each year across the country. Could you have done anything different? Absolutely. Your choice of an experienced and properly educated security company and staff is the most important decision you can make. 

Contact us regarding the most common mistakes that event organizers make when choosing security companies. This may help you avoid being the lead story on the evening news, for all the wrong reasons.

If you would like additional information detailing the options in which a security plan can improve your business and your bottom line, simply call us today at 877-877-7717. If you would like a personalized approach please contact one of our client relationship managers. 


Special Events, Lodging & Tourism

Lodging & Tourism

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? This question is asked by Simon and Garfunkel in their 1969 hit, "Mrs. Robinson." The same question can be asked about the Hotel Detective who was once employed for the protection of guests and their property at most hotels.

Is hotel/motel security needed today? Travelers today rate security at lodging facilities as a growing concern. Business people and families are carefully searching online information to assure their lodging accommodations are safe and secure. Among the amenities they are demanding are well lighted parking areas and roaming security to protect their vehicles, families and themselves. They are actively looking for incidents of criminal activity at lodging facilities. In today’s world of social media it doesn’t take long for an incident to go viral, resulting in cancellations and lost bookings. This negative publicity has the potential for devastating effects on the bottom line of your business. In the past, most criminal activity occurred within the walls of the premises. Today the majority of criminal activity occurs in the parking lot, building perimeter and near exit doors. Crimes range from vandalism to murder and the resulting lawsuits from lack of adequate precautions are skyrocketing.

Can we afford a full-time security professional?
At Unity Security & Safety, we offer unique ways of making security affordable. We offer a wide array of Value Added Services that do not add to your security costs and decrease your operating expenses. These savings have a positive fiscal effect making security a more viable option. Combine the savings with an increase in occupancy from new and returning customers and you might be surprised at the results. In addition to physical security, we offer a wide array of Closed Circuit Television and Alarm Services. For more information on hotel/motel security and to take the first step to a more profitable and secure business call us at 877-887-7717. If you prefer a more personal approach simply call one of our Client Relationship Mangers to begin the evaluation process.



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