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Cyber bankruptcies? Cyber gangs? Are your employees putting your business at risk? Recent studies show that 60 percent of small to mid-size businesses fail within six months of a cyber attack. If your payroll account is hacked on payday could you survive? Your bank is not responsible for the vast majority of these attacks and you will not be reimbursed for the lost funds. Let Unity Security & Safety help you with safeguards to minimize exposure, or call us if you were not proactive and have been hacked.

Here is how Unity Security, Inc. will help you minimize your risk and if you are hit with an incident, will help your get back online:


Vulnerability Testing

Unity Security offers a service that scans your network, detects and highlights the vulnerabilities. Our scans and testing will prevent many common attacks by exposing holes in your network, install the appropriate software solutions and let you sleep better at night. 


Social Engineering Audit

Security breaches caused by social engineering are the number one security risk according to the Department of Homeland Security. Our mission is to protect our clients from these attacks. 

Our audits assess the state of your security policies and procedures, and report back with both strengths and weaknesses with clear recommendations for improvements. The social engineering audit process combined with our proactive security awareness education and email exposure checks, will help prevent many common attacks.


If You are Hit with a Cyber Attack, Unity will Help

In case your organization gets attacked despite all the preventive measures you take, Unity Security will provide a comprehensive solution to mitigate and eliminate cyber security incidents quickly. The solution includes proactive monitoring and detection of phishing incidents, including rapid site takedown response and resolution of the incident.


Unity Security is your partner in keeping you and your business safe
online and off.

Contact us today for a personalized evaluation
of your security needs.



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