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Welcome to our Complete Care program developed exclusively for our residential customers. 


Relax with our "One-2-One" service plan. The One-2-One plan was developed for our commercial clients and has been expanded to include our residential friends. Unity Security & Safety assigns one of our Client Relationship Managers (CRM) to you. This manager is your advocate in our company and is the only person you need to call for any question, issue, or service you may require. Never again be transferred to different departments and people. Your CRM will complete all the leg work and then get back to you with answers. How's that for world-class customer service.


Enroll in Complete Care Plus and enjoy hundreds of dollars of annual benefits and great discounts on future product purchases. To be eligible for this FREE benefit simply comply with four simple steps. If you have any questions call today and ask your Customer Relationship Manager for assistance. If you aren't already connected with one of our friendly Customer Relationship Managers, call 877-887-7717 and ask for an "e-handshake" introduction.


Hurry, big savings and benefits are just four simple steps away.

  1. Complete the simple application.

  2. Enroll in ACH automatic monitoring payments on a quarterly, semi annual, or annual basis.

  3. Maintain your account in good standing.

  4. "Like Us" on Facebook.


In addition to the "One-2-One" service plan, enjoy the following great benefits:


  • $500 Insurance deductible reimbursements. We will reimburse you up to $500  of your insurance deductible for any burglary that occurs while our equipment is activated, functioning, operating and monitored. Simply provide us documentation from your insurance company that they have paid you on a valid claim and the amount of your deductible you paid. 


  • 12% rebate of monitoring costs for purchase of any physical item we offer. Use it for purchase of handheld panic fobs, monitored smoke detector, water detection bug, or any of many physical products we offer. The 12% rebate is based on the pre-tax dollar amount for the length of the contract you choose. It can be be used at any time during the contract, there is no requirement to wait until the contract is fulfilled. Sign your contract today and redeem your rebate at anytime.


  • Email notification of discounts offered exclusively to Unity Security & Safety clients. Unity Security & Safety will send these direct to you to protect your email address. We will never give your email address to third parties. You may opt out of these notifications if you wish.

Complete Care

Need more information?

One of our client relationship managers will be happy to assist you at 877-887-7717.

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