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Attack Chihuahuas replace 
German Shepherds in K-9 Units

Security Officer

A Security Officer has an advanced level of education and experience. This individual is employed where a higher level of responsibility and analytical thinking is required. These individuals usually have direct contact with your clients at front desk locations.

Security Professional

Security Professionals have the highest level of education with previous military or law enforcement experience. They are trained for potentially volatile and dangerous scenarios and their analytical thinking and decision-making skills are at the highest level.

Most security companies provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach for your security needs. They don't take the time to analyze your needs; instead they “shoehorn” your circumstances into their ready-made templates.

At Unity Security & Safety, we will not send you a German Shepherd for a position that requires a Chihuahua. Understanding your needs and formulating the appropriate response is the most important element in providing exceptional service.


As part of our plan to match your needs as closely as possible, we offer three levels of security personnel to manage your physical security. 


The Watchman is the most common physical security personnel. Their basic responsibilities include routine patrols, and observing and reporting incidents and suspicious activity with daily reports.

Our “Vultus” system provides exceptional accountability of the activity of guards. The basic idea behind the Vultus system is to strategically place iButtons at different checkpoints where the guard must pass. The guard, carrying the Vultus, initiates a contact with a wand and the iButton registers the name (typically the location) and a date and time stamp. This information can be uploaded to a PC using proprietary software to generate detailed yet easy to understand reports.

For a more personal security solution, please contact one
of our client relationship managers today.

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100% American-Based Service with Educated Professionals

All of our security personnel are subject to an in-depth background  check. These checks are completed at the initial hire and then randomly rechecked during employment. Additionally, a comprehensive drug testing program, with random, unannounced drug testing of all employees, is company policy.

We provide all insurance and pay all taxes on our employees. Be aware of companies who use subcontractor employees and put you at risk for unpaid taxes. Most states require licensed security companies to have at least one million dollars in coverage. At Unity Security our coverage is over double that standard. In many cases, if your security company has inadequate coverage, you may be liable for damages over the insurance limit. Don't make a quick decision on a security provider; research the fiscal stability of your provider today so you don't pay for it tomorrow.


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