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Gated Communities






Senior Housing & Assisted-Living

Unity professionals work diligently to educate our team members to the many challenges that are faced in your environment. Some of the challenges that must be dealt with involve public relations concerning family and visitors, while others center around interaction with patients with dementia or physical disabilities. We only select individuals who have the maturity to deal with providing security tempered with understanding and a spirit of partnership with you and your staff.

In addition to security personnel services, we also offer full service on installation and maintenance of alarm systems, closed circuit television and controlled access systems. We also develop Value Added Services. Generally, Value Added Services are benefits that we identify during our evaluation of the community that reduce operating costs without adding to the security costs.

It is easy for any company to claim they provide the best services. The difference between Unity Security & Safety and other companies is that we have taken steps to prove our commitment. Unity Security & Safety is ISO 9001-2008 quality management certified. Less than one half of one percent of security companies achieves this certification. We also offer a money back guarantee: if we do not provide the service stated, we return 100% of our profit for that billing period.

Multi-Family &
Neighborhood Solutions

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One of our client relationship managers will be happy to assist you at 877-887-7717.

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