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Unity Security & Safety mobile patrol units will patrol your designated
area to provide continuous security presence and response services. Mobile patrols safeguard your property, assets, employees or family. Our vehicle fleet consists of professionally marked and fully-equipped security patrol units and we employ highly trained, experienced officers. Unity officers are on-site to respond to any emergency call and will challenge any suspicious person or activities. They will lawfully arrest any persons found and turn offenders over to the local police department. Mobile patrol units provide continuous deterrence to theft, vandalism, break-ins and disturbances.

Our “Vultus” checkpoint system provides exceptional accountability of the activity of our patrols. The logic behind the Vultus system is to strategically place iButtons at different checkpoints where the guard must pass. The guard, carrying the Vultus, initiates a contact with a wand and the iButton registers the name (typically the location) and a date and time stamp. This information can be uploaded to a PC using proprietary software to generate detailed yet easy to understand reports.

Contact us today as to how mobile patrols, combined with physical security measures, can decrease your operating expenses without increasing security expenses. Send an email to or if you prefer a more personal approach please call one of our Client Relationship Managers at 1-877-887-7717 for a free evaluation of your needs.


Mobile Patrols

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