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"The Shoplifters"

On March 2 1961, episode 116 of the Andy Griffith show aired entitled “The Shoplifters.” The episode centers on local businessman Ben Weaver, who notices merchandise disappearing from his department store. Always at the ready, Deputy Barney Fife goes undercover. In typical character, Barney stumbles his way through the ordeal and eventually gets his woman under the watchful eye of Sheriff Andy Taylor.

Retail security and loss prevention have come a long way since that date in 1961. Advances in detection and apprehension have advanced exponentially. Unfortunately, this rapid increase in detection and apprehension is based on the expansion of shoplifting into a full time enterprise for career criminals.

In addition to the career criminal, thefts of opportunity are on the rise during this period of high unemployment and a relatively flat economy. One doesn’t have to look far to find headlines featuring Hollywood stars stealing from merchants. It appears that when considering loss prevention, every demographic is of concern.

In addition to the general public thefts, employees and vendors also have a growing entitlement mentality relating to your merchandise. The resulting loss is conservatively estimated at two percent (2%) of sales and growing. Even more alarming is the apparent degradation of our moral value system; that degradation is obvious, based on individuals justifying their actions when apprehended.

Barney and Andy’s security plan may have worked fine in their day, but today’s criminals need tomorrow’s security solutions.

Every retailer has their own unique issues. These issues need to be addressed individually by competent and dedicated security professionals. At Unity Security & Safety we offer a full line of solutions including, but not limited to, security guards, alarms, closed circuit television and controlled access systems. 

Contact us today for a personalized evaluation of your security needs.

Retail Security & Loss Prevention

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