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Converting your family room or living room into a media room is an increasingly popular option for those looking to get the quality and feel of a dedicated home theater room, but may not have the spare room or budget. We frequently work with architects and designers, so we understand how to get the best performance while maintaining that family room aesthetic.

Add a complete home entertainment system and enjoy theater quality acoustics in a multi-functional room everyone. Unity Security & Safety designs home entertainment systems that are 100 percent customizable and that can expanded at any time. Start with one component and build onto your system as needs or budgets change.
Need to hang a flat panel TV?
We can provide you with not only the TV and mount, but also the proper wiring, baluns and cabinet requirements for ventilation and servicing.      

Hide your components 
We work with your cabinet maker to provide the proper clearance for ventilation, servicing and future components. We also use the more preferred radio frequency based control systems, so you can conceal your equipment behind solid wood doors instead of the older style systems that use glass doors.

Speakers & Surround Sound
Let us help you layout your surround sound system for that immersive theater experience! Choose from in-ceiling speakers for that slick architectural look, to soundbars, to special application speakers for the aesthetically oriented designer.


Have too many DVDs?
You can box up all those DVDs and CDs that are taking up shelf space and put everything on a single component with a built-in hard drive! You will be able to access your movies by title, genre, actor/director, and stream it just like you do with your audio files

Home Theaters

Need more information?

One of our client relationship managers will be happy to assist you at 877-887-7717.

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