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Erkios is a powerful integrated solution for complete home connectivity. With a home security system you can add Erkios techonoloy to any electronic device – all without adding new wiring and all according to your budget and timetables, to meet your needs and your lifestyle.

Erkios gives you simple, affordable, personalized control solutions. Isn't that what home control was supposed to be about? When you arrive from work, push a button and all your Erkios devices will work in concert – the garage door will open, your entryways will light up, your security system will recognize you, and your front door will unlock.

Enjoy these features from anywhere you have a cell phone signal.

How's that for remote control?







ERKIOS Home Automation

Need more information?

To arrange an in-home evaluation or for more information contact one of our Client Relationship Members at 877-887-7717.

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