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It is amazing when you think about all of the moving components that are involved in physical safety and security at today’s office buildings. At Unity Security & Safety, we believe office buildings present some of the greatest challenges in society today and we are prepared to address these issues.

We will work with you to develop and implement a plan that addresses your needs and issues, while acknowledging your budget is a major concern. We will begin the process by interviewing you to find out your concerns. Next, we perform a physical evaluation of the premises; the nature of all of the tenants is a critical component of that evaluation. During this evaluation, we will develop Value Added Services which reduce operating expenses without adding to the overall security costs. Once the evaluation is complete, we will review the recommendations with you and develop a plan to implement the changes acceptable to you. The plan may include one or all of the following based on your direction: security personnel, alarms, closed circuit television or controlled access points. The plan can be implemented immediately or staged over a period of time to allow for budgeting.

If you would like additional information detailing the options in which a security plan can improve your business and your bottom line, simply contact us today at 877-887-7717. If you would like personalized approach please contact one of our client relationship managers.

Office Buildings

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