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When our monitoring center receives an alarm signal from your home, cabin, multi-dwelling unit or business, a central station representative will contact you, police, fire and/or EMS immediately. So whether you are at relaxing at home, vacationing, or working, your family and valuables are protected.


Security Alarms

We carefully analyze and use products that set the standard in the industry. This flexibility allows us to match the best product to your specific needs. 

No landline?

Our cellular alarm package allows monitoring of your residence without an active landline. Ask about our lifetime protection package for technology changes. 

Remote Key Fob

Protect your home from a small key fob in your pocket. Arm or disarm your security system from your car, yard or bedroom. 

Door & Window Contacts

Intrusions at doors and windows can be detected with sensors. Ask about safety screen that activates your alarm if the screen is cut or removed.

​Motion Detectors

Protect your home not only by movement, but by body heat, too. Have pets? No worries, we have pet-friendly detectors, too. 

Glass Breakage Sensors

Glass breakage sensors are an effective tool when used in concert with motion detectors and door & window contacts.



Video Surveillance

We help protect your home. Want to see who is at your front door while relaxing in your recliner? With a single camera and a click of your remote... ta-da! It's your UPS delivery. Or if you simply want an added layer of protection, CCTV is a great tool to feel secure.

​​​Contact us today for a personalized evaluation of your security needs.​​


Security Alarms, CCTV & Monitoring


Insurance Deductible 


We will pay up to $500 of your homeowners insurance deductible for any insurance acknowledged burglary if our security system is properly activated and working.


Currently under contract?

Ask how we can assist you with terminating your contract.

*LOW PRICE GUARANTEE If our published monitoring price is not less than any licensed competitor’s published monitoring we will beat their price and give you 2 months free monitoring based on a minimum one-year contract. We will beat the total cost of any comparable equipment and monitoring contract of any licensed competitor for any contract length. These guarantees apply in any market we service in the Midwest.

Quality People.

Quality Protection.


Client Rebate Program* 


Unity Security & Safety is proud 
to announce an industry-first
client loyalty program.

Retroactive to Jan. 1, 2013, Unity Security & Safety will offer a 12% rebate on all monitoring agreements in the form of a credit toward the purchase of any hardware product we offer. This includes but is not limited to smoke alarms, water bugs, cameras, DVRs and home connectivity products.

Consider a service agreement for monitoring for up to 12 months. 12% of the annual monitoring payments is eligible under the program. This rebate must be used during the calendar year in which the service agreement was in effect.

For agreements in excess of 12 months, the projected aggregate amount paid during the term of the agreement is eligible. The credit can be used at anytime during the term of the agreement. 

For example, a 36-month monitoring agreement at $35 month would be eligible for the following credit: (36) X ($35) X (.12) = $151.20 benefit amount. This amount could be applied to any purchase or upgrade after the first 60 days of the agreement.

*Enrollment in automatic payment plan required. A $38 technician charge is required for installed hardware under the program. Rebate cannot be used for monitoring payments. Account must be in good standing during the agreement term.​

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