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Do you have a plan to deal with workplace violence?

Don’t wait until violence occurs in the workplace. Make a plan now to secure your business and employees from harm.

Develop a written policy.

  • Every company should have a zero-tolerance policy in place that lists examples of behaviors and the consequences for engaging in them.

Develop a reporting system so employees can report concerns or threats of violence.

  • Put a reporting system in place, so your employees can recognize and report suspicious or threatening behavior. Designate a staff member they can talk with or an anonymous way of reporting concerns to minimize dangerous situations.

  • Offer and facilitate training for employees that teaches them to detect out-of-bounds behavior or warning signs. Training can also educate employees as to how to respond to someone who seems troubled and/or potentially dangerous, as well as how to share their concerns.

Know the person you are hiring.

  • Do your homework. Do a background check on all prospective employees, and check the references they provide.

  • Keep a current photo of each employee in your company files.


  • Minimize your cyber risk by safeguarding your network with proactive vulnerability testing and scans. By installing appropriate software solutions you will protect your business.

Secure your workplace

  • Install extra lighting, alarm systems, video surveillance and control access.

  • Minimize risks by utilizing identification badges or electronic keys and cards.

  • Minimize the entrances and exits in use; create a situation in which everyone has to enter or exit through a central area, where security is available and watching.

  • Don’t allow your employees to prop your doors open for ventilation; this advertises an unsecure entrance into your worksite.

  • Contract with a reputable security company to provide officers trained in handling violent situations. Use them at access points or to monitor surveillance equipment and people entering or exiting your premises

Let Unity Security & Safety be your expert.

We will help you identify threats and risks to your organization. Our professionals will give you the tools and skills to manage risks by:

  • Communicating a safety plan

  • Determining what level of security officer(s)* you need (link to our page)

  • Evaluating benefits from an alarm system or cameras in your business or parking area.

  • Monitoring who and when people are at your business and compiling reports from the monitoring center.

  • Assisting with EXITUS Termination Service - utilizing our trained staff is a vital precaution.

Most businesses consult with an attorney on legal advice. Let Unity Security & Safety be your resource for security education.

Call us today and let Unity Security & Safety protect and offer you peace of mind. 1-877-887-7717

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