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Crimes during the holiday season increase by 30 percent

HELP PROTECT your security & safety this season with tips to stay ahead of crime.

Family & Home Tips

  • Wait to make your holiday vacation Facebook or Twitter post until after you’re back home. Your friends may be trustworthy, but social media accounts are often hacked.

  • Use a reputable taxi company when catching a cab to the airport.

  • When you are away from home, set your landline phone to its lowest setting, so that an unanswered phone doesn’t advertise your absence.

  • Pickpockets and thieves love this time of year. Be alert to your surroundings and your wallet, smart phone and laptop. Keep your wallet in a front pocket and your handbags zipped up.

  • After the gifts have been opened, take packaging to a recycling spot or keep boxes inside your house until right before refuse pickup and conceal any labeling. Putting packaging out early advertises the contents of your home.

  • Once all those electronic gadgets are unwrapped, write down the serial numbers in one place, so it is easy to provide vital information to the police.

  • Be cautious about where you download holiday ringtones – choose from reputable companies to help prevent downloading a virus along with a ringtone.

Workplace Tips

  • Keep the reception area attended and escort all visitors. Valuables are vulnerable and should be in locked drawers, especially small, easy to conceal items such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

  • Verify that outside maintenance personnel were actually hired to complete a job, even if you have seen that individual previously.

  • Always exit work with a group or a co-worker. If you work late, contact building security for an escort.

  • If you see any strangers loitering, report it immediately, even if you’ve seen them before.

  • Some people may become depressed during the holidays; be aware of potential violent situations. Assist by being a patient listener, reporting to a supervisor, or guiding person to seek counseling.

UNITY SECURITY & SAFETY sends wishes for Happy Holidays and a safe & secure New Year!

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